Essay on Heath Care Reform Under Obama

Essay on Heath Care Reform Under Obama

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Since before Obama was in office, there have been many issues that have been debated in politics which have come to fruition. While some may have been easily passed, one issue that has gotten a lot of attention is the Health Care Reform. Access to care is a concern to all Americans young and old. We have seen many who have not had the opportunities they deserve when it comes to healthcare. Starting in 2008 with the Presidential primaries, the heated debate of health care reform has been a controversial policy which has now been passed. The need for a policy change was obvious to most but, as always, there were some who felt we had the best healthcare worldwide and things should not change. This paper will try to discuss the problems contributing to healthcare reform, what controversial issues have surrounded the policy, what pros and cons we have seen with the new healthcare reform, and how this policy is of interest to the nursing profession.
As Americans, we have opportunities that are not available in other countries yet we are lacking when it comes to the health of our citizens. Equality is expected among all citizens and health care is one issue that should not be an exception. We expect and deserve to receive the best possible care. Unfortunately, healthcare is not accessible to all due to their financial status. There have been many policies over the years put in place in an effort to provide health care to the poor. The following is a history of these policies as stated by Katherine Swartz (2009);
1900- 1935: Medical care assistance provided ad hoc by civic and religious groups. Primarily to “deserving poor”
1935-1945: Social Security Act passed, rise of public hospitals and clinics for poor, beginning of two-tiered sys...

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...s and cons to the Affordable Care Act, as healthcare providers, we can do what is best for the patient and by doing the best, the laws attached to this act should be attainable.
“Nurses are playing a major role in shaping the US healthcare system and can be a major part of the solution” (Dean, 2009). With the Affordable Care Act, reimbursement to the healthcare providers will be dependent on things such as patient education, readmission rates, and overall quality care. Nurses are usually the first person a patient sees when entering a hospital and the last person a patient see when exiting the hospital. We owe it to the patient to give the best care possible. By staying current with the new laws and striving to improve our practice, we can provide patients with the quality care they deserve and still get the reimbursement needed to keep our employers in the black.

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