Essay on The Heated Debate Concerning Stem Cell Research

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Inside an embryo there are dozens of stem cells. They are basically empty shells, but the special thing about them is that they are pluripotent, meaning that they can develop in to any cell or organ in human body. That makes stem cell research a gigantic part of today’s medical research. With enough research, stem cells can be a big help to the human kind. Their extraordinary abilities could help scientists return memory to Alzheimer’s patients, or grow a man’s limb that had to be amputated due to some tragedy. But, they also have some flaws. As the name suggests, Embryonic stem cells can only be found in embryos and acquiring them destroys the embryo. Embryos are considered by many people to be alive; this creates a rather difficult question. Is it alright to take one life in order to save the other?
Stem Cell research can give the answer to many of the complicated events that come about during human development. According to the National Institutes of Health, “A primary goal of this work is to identify how undifferentiated stem cells become differentiated.” And since some of today’s worst medical condition, for example cancer, are the result of defective cell differentiation, this research could help better determine the cause of it and perhaps suggest a better cure. Another use of embryonic stem cells includes testing new drugs. Although stem cells are already in use for drug testing, they can only be used on specific differentiated cells that have the same properties as the disease of the drug they are being tested for. Due to embryonic stem cells’ pluripotent property, they can be used for any disease imaginable. But perhaps the most significant use of these stem cells is generation of cells or tissues to be used for cell-...

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