`` Heartland : Symbolic Displays Of Aggression And Male Masculinity On Rural America

`` Heartland : Symbolic Displays Of Aggression And Male Masculinity On Rural America

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Decades ago, the traditional of male masculinity was common to be responsible for the head and provider of the family. As for the females, they are expected to stay home, cook and take care of children and husband. “Both men and women in rural America have, thus, been forced to alter their discourse and engage in other symbolic actions to manage economic-based challenges to masculinity” (Heartland: Symbolic Displays of Aggression and Male Masculinity in Rural America). This explains that both men and women continues to point out on their economic status. In our text, Steven Seidman stated that masculinities are always known as the approach of feminists; therefore, “masculinity may give a clear edge to men in the competition for public success…” (Seidman, 222). As it is stated, men especially have the urge to be competitive about a specific job and show off to people. McMahan’s article “Heartland: Symbolic Displays of Aggression and Male Masculinity in Rural America” stated “how masculinity is understood, defined displayed, identified, and positioned within a social system is created by and reflected within the interactions of social group members.” This indicates that masculinity started and created by the number of people interact in the environment. Masculinity can also lead to judgements when it is performed successfully or not. Despite of masculinity being judgmental, men must play the act of their “culturally specific, symbolic behaviors if they wish to construct a masculine identity in a given culture”. In this article, it gives a study to observe masculinity in a rural setting and how the community members view masculinity. The author who works as a bartender/bouncer found that there is violence that occurred, ...

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...volve their power and can maintain their wealth, they are most likely play in the role of both genders.
Looking through Raewynm Connell’s Theorizing Masculinity, she is basically saying that men has the power of masculinity in this world we live in; however, women also have powers, but they are “ pressured to adopt feminine behaviors and roles; men are under considerable pressure to avoid feminine social roles and behaviors” (222). I am agreeing to Connell’s theory of masculinity because men do have a lot of priorities and roles that helps the government. This reflects the choices of men’s behavior which puts them under pressure in the society because they do not believe that females have enough power to control the men’s roles. Rather than believing that men have the power to govern the world, we must believe and think that women, too, have the same power as men.

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