Essay on Heart to Heart; Pregnant Women with Hypertension

Essay on Heart to Heart; Pregnant Women with Hypertension

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Heart to Heart; Pregnant Women with Hypertension
Recently, wide increase rated of gestational hypertension due to late labour, and obese. The magazine titled “fit pregnancy” carries an article of gestational hypertension that about 30 percent of primigravida(first pregnancy) women are suffering from hypertension. The gestational hypertension is a common disorder, and related hypertensive disorders are idiopathic. In most cases, primigravida women with gestational hypertension experienced no symptom; but it highly increases the risk of abnormal bleeding, and premature birth. The women with gestational hypertension can also experience preeclampsia which is a combination of hypertension, proteinuria(protein in the urine), and seizure. The preeclampsia can consider as a more serious problem which occurs after 20 weeks gestation; causes severe damages to organs of the body, such as kidney, brain, and cardiac. Furthermore, preeclampsia may effects on fetus that causes the prenatal morbidity and mortality. The symptoms of preeclampsia are mild headache, swelling, weight gain, and vision problems. The research has shown that more than 5 percent of primigravida women are taking medications to treat hypertensive disorder. The researchers suggested that methyldopa and labetalol are the recommended medications for pregnant women. Also, researchers suggested that moderate exercise is effective in controlling weight in order to prevent hypertensive disorder. Overall, this article assembles the information of signs, symptoms of hypertension, preeclampsia and future treatments of hypertensive disorders. To verify these information that article provided, there are many evidences that confirm this article is reliable.
Medications for Hypertension i...

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...r emphasized that this is an important finding for studies on pregnancy, because primigravida women may avoid physical exercise during pregnancy by greatly distressed about inducing preterm labour (J Tinloy et al, 2014). Apparently, the outcomes of physical exercise during pregnancy are being wholesome for primigravida women’s health.
The current medications for gestational hypertension have shown as safe treatments in order to have paucity side effects compare to the medication that was used in the history. Also, the physical exercise during pregnancy has positive effects in order to prevent hypertensive complications by reducing excessive gestational weight gain, improving placental growth, and reducing oxidation stress. Overall, the article on gestational hypertension carried by “fit pregnancy” has been scientifically established with many evidences.

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