Essay on The Heart Of Whiteness By Robert Jensen

Essay on The Heart Of Whiteness By Robert Jensen

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We get treated based on skin color White superiority and nonwhite inferiority is an ideology that has been kept in society since slavery started in the 1600s. In the book, The Heart of Whiteness by Robert Jensen talks about how white people continues to allow racism to occur. The word heart in the title of the book is significant to the overall messages Jensen is trying to convey. He argues the root of the problem is that white people buy into their privilege and are unaware of how it affects nonwhite people. The heart is the blood pumping organ at the center of our bodies that keep us alive. At the heart or core, of racism, is white supremacy.
Jensen states that in order to solve the issue of racism is that white people to need to feel upset about their privileged. Meaning to white people should not be happy about the advantages they have on others because of their skin color. By not doing so Jensen states we continue to support a white supremacist society. In the chapter “Playing the Fool,” Jensen talks about his experience meeting Les Payne, an African-American journalist, at the Virginia Festival of Books in Charlottesville. Jensen has a revelation about his own privilege after listening to Payne talk about his inferiority as an African American. Jensen describes feeling enormous about of guilty. After speaking to Payne about the emotion he experienced, Jensen calls himself foolish. He is foolish for thinking that Payne cared if white people were better than him and for thinking that he committed a racist act when he did not do anything wrong (pg.67-70). Jensen considers that admitting to our foolishness for believing that all white people are Racists is a step towards admitting our privilege. It is a way to be in touch ...

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... regarding how we did to be open to diversity. The Russian students should not have taken the prank as a bully because they have done their share of harassing other students. Also, the incident was over a table, which there are no rules against where students can sit. The students who were involved in the prank were is a sense challenging the politics of the social standing at school.
Sociologist Micheal Kimmel once said, “Privilege is visible to those who have it.” Whites are ignorant to their own privileged compared to non-whites. This is why rascal continue to be a problem in the United States. Jensen is addressing the issue of racism at its core. Racism is not only effect non-white it also affects white people as well. Racism limits and prevents the country from advancing. Jensen advocates equality and wants white people to stop buying into their superiority.

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