The Heart Of Heart Disease

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Thousands of people that are either healthy or not are killed by a deadly disease called coronary heart disease, CHD. Men and women suffer from heart attacks, but there is a greater percentage of attacks within the male group. Most people live without ever getting their heart check until they get older to get their yearly exam. Many methods have come about from doctors and scientists who work together to teach people how to live a healthy life to prevent heart disease. Coronary heart disease are caused by smoking, secondhand smoke included, eating certain fats and cholesterol in the blood, high blood pressure, high amount of sugar in the blood, stress, drug abuse, heart defects at birth, medication, and blood vessel inflammation (Katzenstein12). Atherosclerosis develops when plaque builds up in the walls of the arteries, which makes it harder for the blood to flow through. If a clot blood forms, it can cause the person to have a heart attack or stroke because the heart is blocked by this blood clot. If the blood clot cuts off the flow of blood to the heart, the part of the heart muscle supplied by the artery begins to die. Most people overcome the first heart attack and return to normal for many years of being active in their daily lives (Mayo). But, their daily routine may change because the doctor may decide to put them on medicine along with a diet and workout plan depending on how much the attack damage the person. “In a healthy person with a normal, healthy heart, it 's unlikely for a fatal arrhythmia to develop without some outside trigger, such as an electrical shock or the use of illegal drugs. That 's primarily because a healthy person 's heart is free from any abnormal conditions that cause an arrhythmia, such as an a... ... middle of paper ... ...hat could be taken is to run a series of tests to see if you have this disease. Some tests that a patient can take is a echocardiogram that measures blood flow and helps the doctor visualize the hearts pumping action (Katzenstein217). An X-ray show if the heart is enlarged or if there is fluid around the lungs. There are many more but those are just two for the understanding. Knowing the family history can save a person life as well. Doctors refer to family history often. To see if the patients’ ancestors’ medical condition as a affect on the patients’ life. If a patient is tested and the results say that the patient is at risk, many different measures can be taken to help prevent the disease before it happens. Exercise, eat healthy, take proper medications, and go to the doctor at least once a year to prevent this deadly disease known as CHD, coronary heart disease.

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