The Heart Of Heart And Heart Essay

The Heart Of Heart And Heart Essay

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The heart disease that stood out to me the most is tetralogy of fallot. But to understand how this heart condition you have to understand how the heart works. The heart is the size of a closed fist. It pumps blood to the whole body to meet the metabolic needs. The average beat for the heart is about 60 to 100 per minute, if anything happens to the body such as exercise or even stress the number of the beat per minute can quadruple. The heart has four major chamber for the deoxygenated blood and oxygenated blood to transfer through the body. According to Cardio Smart American College of Cardiology in the “Heart Basics: section lets now follow the circulation of blood more closely. Oxygen-poor blood from the head, neck and arms returns to the right atrium (RA) via the superior vena cava or SVC. On the other hand, oxygen-poor blood from the lower portion of the body returns to the RA via the inferior vena cava. In shorter terms from superior or inferior vena cava the heart takes deoxygenated blood and puts out oxygenated blood to the body.
The heart is single handily the most interesting organ in the human body, the function of it blows my mind. From pumping the blood throughout the body to just being the strongest muscle in the human body. The heart is divided into section the superior and inferior cava returning the blood to the right atrium the pulmonary veins returning the blood to the left atrium. Along with right and left ventricle and the pulmonary artery. But the part I want to focus on is the pulmonary side because I’ve been through this heart condition and I lived through this heart condition and it made me the person I am today. Picking this topic is a easy one because I thought to myself what better way to write about te...

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...tand. When its recorded its printed it on its own EKG paper which its divvied into small blocks. Each small block is a representation of time. EKG is Electrocardiography is records the heart beats per minute with it you can see if the patients have a missing heart beat a irregular heartbeat. According to” ECG learning center carefully analyze the 12-lead ECG for abnormalities in each of the waveforms in the order in which they appear: P-waves, QRS complexes, ST segments, T waves, and... Don 't forget the U waves”. Each of these letter have a signature meaning to help them understand how well the heart is beating in the minute. For example if there were no signs of the QRS complexes the patient will be dead because the QRS is ventricle depolarization. Or even to tell if they have a irregular heart beat the EKG tech would check the number of block between QRS complex.

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