The Heart of Darkness, Things Fall Apart, The Apocalypse Essays

The Heart of Darkness, Things Fall Apart, The Apocalypse Essays

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The concept of colonialism and imperialism both play an essential role in “The Heart of Darkness”, “Things Fall Apart”, and “The Apocalypse”. The act of colonialism comes from a strategy of obtaining partial to full political control while attempting to govern another country. Groups settle in these different countries with a scheme to develop it economically. Another significant topic being presented is the performance of imperialism. Imperialism is imposed when military action is presented to enforce domination over another country. The intention being for imperialism is to increase foreign rule in order to intensify a countries size and economical state. “Our own men and our sons have joined the ranks of the stranger. They have joined his religion and they help to uphold his government” (Achebe 176). In “Things Fall Apart” an accurate illustration of colonialism is given, by which a clan had come over and cultivated Okonkwos land. “They were conquerors, and for that you want only brute force” (Conrad 107). It was not colonialism presented in “Heart of Darkness”, instead a simple form of imperialism was demonstrated. Force was used by military in order to take over the land from the weaker country. The perceptions of colonialism and imperialism are both distinctive and with examples from the text, it will display the differentiation between the two.
In “Things Fall Apart” a leader by the name of Okonkwo experiences conflict with society and loses his power from his tribal war. With the loss of Okonkwos power, colonialism and imperialism comes into affect and cultures conflict with one another. The first trace of imperialism appears when the first white man embarked on village territory in Abame. Not long after the killing...

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... experienced through the Vietnam War.
In final conclusion, each story has their certain examples of both colonialism and imperialism. In “Things Fall Apart” there is a less forceful tactic in conquering another’s land. The Christians used their words and actions to convert the townspeople to join them and their culture. Therefore, colonialism had more of an impact, even though there were acts of imperialism. “Heart of Darkness” and “The Apocalypse Now” on the other hand displays a more violent and forceful entry into another mans land. Forcefulness and the killing of one another were prevalent in both the book and the movie. With an overview of all three stories, it has a pattern that shows how colonialism is the gateway to imperialism. Individuals and groups will fight for their homeland; therefore it is common that military force and ferocity will transpire.

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