The Heart Of Darkness Meets Things Fall Apart Essay

The Heart Of Darkness Meets Things Fall Apart Essay

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The Heart of Darkness meets Things Fall Apart
Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad is about a man named Marlow who was a sailor that travelled to Africa as an agent for The Company. During his experience with the company he realized what his job was, which was to colonize the people of Africa. During his experience he saw the interaction between the whites and the African people, he finally learns the truth about the company. Along the way he meets a mysterious man called Kurtz, he idolized him and was on his side rather than the company’s. Throughout his journey the way he viewed African people was like he had never met another species of humans that looked different. Everything about the Africans amazed him, how they moved, and danced intrigued him. Meanwhile in the book Things Fall Apart by Chinua followed the main character Okonkwo the great warrior. Okonkwo was a strong, respected, and disciplined man, he always had things go his way. He was a man that refused to be like his father, which is why he worked hard every day. Okonkwo’s life was perfect until he made an accidental mistake, this mistake caused him to be exiled from his hometown. From there on out Okonkwo’s life changed forever. In the books Things fall apart and Heart of Darkness Chinua Achebe described the Africans as respectable humans while Joseph Conrad dehumanized the Africans.
For instance in the book Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad describes the Africans by using geometry and shapes. One regular day some letters were brought to Kurtz, he had received a letter of recommendation from Europe concerning Marlow. As usual Marlow was studying and admiring his every move, he described his tone as “deep and serious and strong” (93). As Kurtz stood...

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...will suffer or even die at childbirth, she began. How many men have lain with you since my brother first expressed the desire to marry you?” (110). This shows how Achebe exhibits the rule of being totally honest when asked a question, he conveyed it in a honorable way because even though such questions is not appropriate to ask he did not disrespect the culture.
To conclude Chinua Achebe and Joseph Conrad had different perspectives on how they saw the Africans. Chinua Achebe saw the Africans in a high esteem, and regard while Joseph Conrad saw them as demeaning human beings. There was a noticeable difference in both authors’ use of language when they were describing black people. Chinua Achebe was more respectful while Joseph Conrad was more disrespectful and hateful. There was a clear difference in what they thought of the Africans and that is what set them apart.

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