Heart Of Darkness, By Joseph Conrad And F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

Heart Of Darkness, By Joseph Conrad And F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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Heart of Darkness and May Day are reminiscences that stages illustration of 2 idiosyncratic events from distinct eras. In Heart of Darkness where Imperialism and Colonialism are the formidable thresholds; on the contrary, May Day sketches the paucity of aspiration. Joseph Conrad and F. Scott Fitzgerald accentuate their interpretations of both stories that how undeniable quandaries can manipulate a man.
. Joseph Conrad’s exoneration of darkness by exemplifying African continent audaciously as mysterious and savage. In the chronicles of Marlow’s expedition to Africa, he symbolized the continent as the darkest places on earth.” We penetrated deeper and deeper into the heart of darkness” (40), it was an expression that Marlow often used over the course of his adventure to hit his suspicion on the uncharted enigma. The obscure land of Africa, a continent that sketches an era of no civilization. “Going up the river was like traveling back to the earliest beginnings of the world when vegetation rioted on the earth and the trees were kings” (42). Marlow’s quest was oblivious; hence, whatever that appeared to be unknown was often symbolized by darkness. Imitation of the river while leaving Congo, suggested as if it was the only route to escape from the ferocity. “The brown current ran swiftly out of the darkest bearing us down towards the sea with twice the speed of our upward progress” (89). The imagery of the river characterize with light, a sheer hope to leave the malicious continent of Africa.
Marlow’s consciousness was now in sheer darkness, his previous encounters were a mere example of barbarous reality. His memories made him nostalgic as he would then recall his past; giving an impression that how he has surrendered to darkness. Af...

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... of champagne as an expression of honor and goodwill.
In short, Heart of Darkness and May Day are stories with different plots, characters, and setting, but the themes and their relation to the imagery of darkness and light are what makes them identical. In Heart of Darkness, the experience of going deep into the interior of Africa, Marlow not only recognizes the ruthlessness and barbarity of human nature. Whereas, in May Day, Gordon Sterrett realizes the cruelty of class division and tragically takes his own life. His fate was already in shatters by Dean’s mockery and Edith’s refusal, yet it was him who took matters into his own hands. Both stories are a phenomenon of reality and unreality, that makes the readers understand the consequence of not looking at the brighter side of life. Otherwise, the fever, the power, the madness is what turns good man become cruel.

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