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The Heart Of Broken Heart Syndrome Essays

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Is it really possible to die of a broken heart? When people hear about broken heart, they typically think that you have broken up with a boyfriend/girlfriend, and believe that the phrase “broken heart” is just that, a phrase. Those thoughts are incorrect because a broken heart is a real thing. Many people haven’t heard of “Broken Heart Syndrome” or “Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy.” What is broken heart syndrome? It is a syndrome that occurs when there is a sudden heart failure that occurs about an emotional trauma. This syndrome was first recognized by Japanese doctors in the 1990’s. The reason it got its name is because of the shape of the heart muscle is when it occurs, the shape resembles a Japanese octopus trap, which is called “Takotsubo.” 1 in 2 people that enter the hospital for a heart attack is in reality suffering from broken heart syndrome (Besser).
Many people, including doctors confuse this syndrome as a heart attack, but there is a difference between the two. When a heart attack occurs, the heart muscle is being deprived from oxygen due to a blocked blood vessel, which causes the heart muscle to stop moving entirely. When broken heart syndrome occurs, there is a surge of hormones that impairs the heart muscle to be able to pump correctly. Due to the heart muscle not being able to pump correctly, the blood flow is blocked by a long-lasting spasm of the artery, causing the heart muscle to balloon out. This can be life threating (Can You Die 6). Although this condition is pretty rare, it mostly effects post- menopausal and middle aged women. It is not known as to why it mostly affects women, but it is believed to be because of the changes in a women’s hormone levels (Besser). Although they are uncertain of how it occurs, ...

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... save their life. Broken heart syndrome should not be taken lightly nor should it be ignored. Just because it’s not a heart attack does not mean that it is not a serious issue that is going on. Fortunately with broken heart syndrome, the heart muscle will return to its normal shape in time, unlike a heart attack that unfortunately does leave behind permanent damage to the heart muscle and to the person’s health. It is a major thing to remember the symptoms and remember that it’s not necessarily a heart attack, it could be broken heart syndrome, especially if something traumatic has happened recently. Knowing the difference is also important, especially for doctors because if doctors don’t understand broken heart syndrome and what it does, they won’t be able to treat their patients the correct away and can cause harm to that person’s health and ultimately their life.

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