Essay about Heart Centers in Baton Rouge

Essay about Heart Centers in Baton Rouge

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Heart By-pass Surgery in Baton Rouge

One of my close family friends needs advice on where to have coronary artery bypass surgery in Baton Rouge. Coronary artery bypass surgery is a major operation that is performed when a person’s coronary arteries are blocked by plaque. During surgery, a piece of a vein or artery is used to form a bypass for blood to be able to go around or bypass the blockage in the heart caused by plaque buildup. The places that he is considering having the heart bypass procedure are Baton Rouge General Medical Center, Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center, and Ochsner Medical Center of Baton Rouge. Using a variety of resources available, I will evaluate each hospital using the relevant statistics on the quality measures at these three hospitals to give my friend an effective recommendation for the best location to have his heart bypass surgery in Baton Rouge.
At Baton Rouge General Medical Center, heart patients are treated at the Baton Rouge General’s Womack Heart Center. One of the best features they have to offer are the specialized operating rooms dedicated to heart surgery. After surgery, the Womack Center offers a specialized cardiac reconditioning program involving exercise, healthy eating, and emotional support to help patients recover effectively after surgery. Additionally, the Womack Heart Center has a specialized lipid center, which specializes in advanced lipid and lab testing, diagnosis, and lipid management. This is especially important because lipids are the main cause of Coronary Heart Disease. Lipid consultation and treatment can help heart patients control their cholesterol more effectively, in turn, controlling their heart disease more effectively.
Our Lady of the Lake Regional Me...

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...ortality rate of the same procedure at Our Lady of the Lake. In addition, Our Lady of the Lake specializes in the beating heart bypass surgery, which results in less trauma on the heart, a shorter hospital stay, and a shorter recovery time. Our Lady of the Lake also has technology and equipment specialized to heart care, which Baton Rouge General does not explicitly say that they have. Additionally, Our Lady of the Lake offers a more complete rehabilitation program than does Baton Rouge General for patients recovering from surgery. Instead of only a rehabilitation program offered by Baton Rouge General, Our Lady of the Lake takes rehabilitation a step further with an entire center within the Heart and Vascular center dedicated to rehabilitation. Our Lady of the Lake’s Heart and Vascular Center is the best place in Baton Rouge to have coronary artery bypass surgery.

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