Essay on Heart Attacks And Cardiac Arrest

Essay on Heart Attacks And Cardiac Arrest

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You can feel your heart pulsating every time you place your palm on your chest, but do you have any idea what really is going on in there? While the heart is no bigger than the size of your hand making a loose fist, the heart has a vast responsibility and dependability to keep blood flow in order to feed and support the other organs and tissues. Heart attacks and cardiac arrest are just two of plethora conditions that can generate a malfunction within the professions of the heart. These two conditions can be fatal, but both affect the most vital organ of the human body. It is the deal between squares and rectangles. All squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares. In this case the squares is cardiac arrest and the rectangles is heart attacks. Most scenarios cardiac arrest can happen after a heart attack, but heart attacks can’t happen after cardiac arrest. If the heart is the strongest and toughest muscle, then why does it break so easily? Most of the time, pain can be managed, but sometimes, the pain gets to you when it is least imagined. While not all wounds are superficial, most run deeper than one can possibly imagine, like the electrical system or the blood vessels of the heart. One can’t see them with the naked eye, the trick is to dig down deep and find the real source of the injury. A heart attack is caused when the blood flow to the heart is suddenly blocked, while cardiac arrest happens when “electrically” the heart malfunctions and abruptly stops beating. Comparing the two heart conditions, heart attacks are more along the lines of a circulation problem, while cardiac arrest is an electrical problem.
What happens during a heart attack? There is an abundance of blood vessels (coronary arteries) that surro...

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...ting down the rest of the body. The immune system is said to have the most critical role in the injury. It affects the lack of pathogen invaders, neutrophil recruitment and macrophage infiltration (Xiang, Yanxio, 2016).
Certain diseases can also cause the electrical system of the heart to fail, and therefore lead to cardiac arrest. One of the most infamous diseases is the coronary heart disease, it is caused by over the top severe stress. While coronary heart disease is the plaque build up in there arteries which leads to the blockage of blood flow to the heart, which over all is one of the main causes of heart attacks, can actually lead to cardiac arrest. It is all one step that leads to another step that leads up the ladder. During a heart attack some muscle cells die, and while scar tissue replaces the once healthy tissue, it damages the hearts electrical system.

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