The Heart Attack And Stroke Essay

The Heart Attack And Stroke Essay

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callous, In some studies both kind of neuropathies have been proven to cause Charcot foot. Also the hands can show signs of thenar atrophy.
Thirdly the Autonomic neuropathy can affect the nerves which control involuntary functions which is the stomach emptying, bowel movements, our ability to pass urine and sweat and can also affect the functioning of the heart. Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) is also another complication of diabetes that happens when blood vessels in the legs become blocked or narrowed due to fatty deposits. This causes decreased blood flow to the feet and legs. The condition affects around 1 in 3 people with diabetes over the age of 50, and it increases the risk of heart attack and stroke.
Peripheral Atrial Disease (PAD) is also a common contributing factor in diabetes, Diabetes increases the chances of , heart attack and stroke. AS stated in (Diabetes care 2003) from clinical trials of risk interventions it has shown that the cardiovascular event rates in patients with PAD and diabetes are higher than those that are nondiabetic. Diabetic patines with PAD later represent with more complications leading to amputations, PAD is also a marker of excess cardiovascular risk.
It is important to diagnose PAD in patients with diabetes to elicit symptoms, to enable to prevent disability and limb loss, and identify a patient at high risk of MI, stroke, and death. This can be easily diagnosed with the determination of the ABI. It is recommended in Diabetes care (2003) that patients with diabetes who are >50 years of age have an ABI performed.

Having diabetes increases the risk of further complications, but having mentioned earlier other contributing factors such as smoking, high blood p...

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...ent deterioration of the foot condition.
Patients with ulceration, tissue loss, acute swelling / discolouration be referred urgently to the Podiatry service and a copy of the most recent lower limb screening is included with the referral. J.Apelqvist (2007) There appropriate treatment is carried out debridement, metabolic control and treatment of co morbidity, local wound care, educating patients about signs of infection, also providing offloading footwear is given if needed.
We also offer a Biomechanics service this area of the service provides treatment and advice for muscular skeletal pathologies. This will usually involve assessing walking and the positions and movements of joints to establish areas of stress that may be leading to foot, leg and back pain. This is usually treated with a combination of advice, exercises and provision of functional foot orthoses.

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