Heart Arrhythmias Is The Pacemaker Essay

Heart Arrhythmias Is The Pacemaker Essay

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The first device that is very effective in treating heart arrhythmias is the pacemaker. The pacemaker is used to treat bradycardia and tachycardia in many patients. The thing to remember is that pacemakers are used to treat a variety of arrhythmia disorders whether it be that the heart beats to quickly, to slowly, or if it has an irregular pattern. The pacemaker helps keep the heart beating at a normal or whatever desired rate due to the hearts inability to beat at a normal heart rate on its own. The pacemaker works by controlling abnormal heart rhythms by using low energy electrical pulses to help 1,2the heart beat at a normal rate. Without the pacemaker when a patient has episodes of prolonged arrhythmias the heart may not be able to pump blood the way it should, thus could cause symptoms of fainting, shortness of 1,2breath, tiredness, and even death. The pacemaker helps to control and stop the symptoms that become problematic. The pacemaker device consists of a generator, leads, and electrodes. Within the generator is the battery that can last about ten years depending on how often it is being used. The generator is programmed to send the electric impulse to the lead, the lead is connected to the heart and has an electrode on it and that delivers the 1,2,3electrical impulse to the heart. The pacemaker also stores information such as, the hearts electrical activity, and rhythm. Pacemakers are used in the treatment therapy for men, women, and children, young and old. The arrhythmias that the pacemakers help have no set population to focus on. A pacemaker is used to treat cardiac abnormalities such as, mitral valve disease, atrial fibrillation, 2,3,4,5 subvalvular stenosis, congenital heart disease, and heart failure, dependent ...

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...ion. Patients that have a CRT will see an improvement in the symptoms of heart failure. CRT and CRT-D are used for both the young and old that experience uncontrolled right and left ventricular dysfunction and those that have heart failure. Complication from having a CRT and CRT-D are the same as seen in an ICD and pacemaker that include infection, rejection, nerve stimulation, and failure to detect fatal arrhythmias. The overall main role of the CRT device is to help the heart by pumping blood for the chambers which will allow the heart to contract together which will improve the output of the heart. The CRT basically takes over for the heart by doing the work. The purpose of the CRT-D is to prevent cardiac arrest by sending a shock to get the heart which will bring the heart out of dangerous arrhythmias such as ventricular fibrillation and also pace the ventricles.

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