Essay on Hearing Speech On Hearing Loss

Essay on Hearing Speech On Hearing Loss

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Hearing impaired children should be taught the art of verbal communication through the use
of speech therapy. We live in a hearing world where speech is the main form of our daily
language. Verbal communication is the norm expected when interacting in public places, such as
the grocery store, attending church, or shopping at the mall. The author, Ella Frances Sanders,
offers the idea, “Language wraps it understanding and punctuation around us all, tempting us to
cross boundaries and helping us to comprehend the impossibly difficult questions that life
relentlessly throws at us” (Sanders, Introduction). This daily barrage of questioning often leaves
the hearing impaired person experiencing frustration and anger, as they are frequently
misunderstood in their attempts to communicate with others. Speech therapy teaches hearing
impaired children to communicate with the hearing world.
The American Speech Language Hearing Association list four major effects on hearing loss
Development, “ . . . delays in the development of receptive and expressive skill . . . language
deficits resulting in reduced academic achievement…leads to social isolation and poor self-
concept . . . impact on vocational choices” (Effects of Hearing Loss on Development, Imagine trying to use sign language as your main form of communication, but
prior knowledge of signing from all participants would be necessary for an effective outcome. As
children become adults, more opportunities for language interactions occur; handling legal
issues, job interviews, and maintaining personal relationships. Usually, no sign language
interpreter is available unless prior arrangements were made. Helen Keller, an American author,
political acti...

... middle of paper ...

...ortant’ . . .
it takes effort-and time-to make people feel important” (143-153).
Speech therapy is about teaching people to communicate, an aspect we encounter in every
part of our lives. There are scenarios’ in which communication might need to occur and sign
language would not be effective. An extreme example might be, a hearing impaired person who
only knew sign language and was attacked by terrorists. He caught them planning to detonate a
nuclear bomb and they broke his hands disabling him from “speaking.” Without speech therapy
giving him the ability to talk, he would not be able to tell others where and when the attack
would take place. The stronger argument is therefor on the side of the acquisition of verbal
communication through speech therapy as the best decision for a hearing impaired child, better
preparing them to live in a hearing world.

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