Essay about Hearing Loss And A Speech Disorder

Essay about Hearing Loss And A Speech Disorder

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The purpose of this paper is to analyze the scenario of Michael, a five year old male who was just diagnosed with a hearing loss and a speech disorder, by answering questions pertaining to his situation. The first section describes Michael’s hearing disorder and the competency based individualized strategies for supporting him in a school setting using the definition laid out in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). The second section summarizes why it is felt he is unable to make friends and how his disabilities interfere with his social development. The third section explains how hearing impairment can be considered a cultural difference for Michael. The fourth section discusses how Michael can be helped in order to bridge the social and cultural gap to be able to interact more with his peers. The fifth section offers some suggestions for how to evaluate his monthly social progress.
In order to develop an intervention plan to help Michael it is necessary to have an understanding of what his condition is and the competency based individualized strategies for supporting him in a school setting. Michael is hearing and speech impaired. As defined by IDEA, Michael’s hearing has had an adverse influence on his educational achievements, however unlike that of a deaf child he does have the capacity to develop speech and language skills through the auditory channel (Heward, 2013). Michael’s hearing loss has delayed and deterred him in his ability to verbally communicate with others and in his learning of letters and numbers. As defined by IDEA, Michael’s speech impairment that is due to his hearing impairment has also had an adverse influence on his educational achievements (Heward, 2013). There are various i...

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... be done by taking the following measures:
• Biweekly observations of Michael in various social settings.
• Make contact with Michael’s parents once a month to discuss any needs and/or concerns.
• Make contact with Michael’s teacher once a month to discuss any needs and/or concerns.
• Meet with Michael’s parents and his educational support team once a month.
By taking these actions it will allow for the appropriate evaluations and recommendations to be made in order to insure Michael’s social progress.
Social development can be difficult for any child, however for a child with hearing impairment the difficulty can be far greater. Effective strategies, proper intervention, and a collaborative team effort can help to bridge the social and cultural gap for children such as Michael. Whereby resulting in a positive impact on social development and educational success.

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