Hearing Impaired, Emotional Disturbance, And Autism Essay

Hearing Impaired, Emotional Disturbance, And Autism Essay

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Developmental and behavioral disorders are become more common around the world for a child to have. But, they are still poorly misunderstood by most of society. Whether a child has a developmental delay or disorder, early identification and intervention are very important for achieving the best possible outcome. I going to discussion three different disorders and what makes them unique and how us as teachers can help them develop. These are just some Hearing impaired, Emotional Disturbance, and Autism.
Hearing impairment is a common development disorder. It has been recognized more and more in our society from famous people like Nyle DiMarco winning “Dancing with the Stars” to teachers teaching American sign language in the classroom. My daughter is medical diagnose has hard hearing because she can hear but not perfect and not to the point she has to wear hearing aids. The common definition of a hearing impairment depends on a person 's ability to hear. Permanent hearing loss or a decrease in hearing that is so significant it negatively affects a child 's performance in school or ability to learn. I have learned from her teachers that hearing impairments can be caused by many things like it can be heredity, exposure to long-term loud noise, or even a physical injury to the brain. Early intervention is effective in improving spoken language outcomes of children with hearing loss. “Children who received a cochlear implant earlier had better language outcomes. Early implantation would not have been possible without early detection of hearing loss, fitting of amplification, and timely referral for cochlear implant candidacy evaluation.” (Ching, 2015)
With Emotional Disturbance, Students find it hard to controlled their emotions. My da...

... middle of paper ...

... and experiences of hypersensitivity.” (Kitson-Reynolds, Kitson, & Humphrys, 2015)
It 's important to know that many schools will provide technical supports, integrate therapies and social programs into your child 's program. Developmental and behavioral disorders including intellectual disability, learning disabilities, and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder are highly prevalent, chronic health conditions. Developmental and behavioral disorders refer to any condition which hampers the normal development of a child. In most cases they refer to the development of the motor skills and abilities related to learning, walking and talking. The most common symptoms of these developmental disorders include a lack of normal development in certain skills in the child. Behavioral therapies and parental training are commonly used to deal with the developmental disorders.

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