Essay on Healthy Than What Is Served At School

Essay on Healthy Than What Is Served At School

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healthy than what is served at school. Alisha Farris describes in her article "What gets packed in a lunchbox can be just as unhealthy as what 's served at the cafeteria" a study conducted that compared student 's lunches from home with what is served at school. In the study, the conductors looked through 1,300 school and parent-packed lunches of pre-k and kindergarten students in three Virginia schools. They found that packed lunches contained more calories, fat, carbohydrates, sugar, vitamin C and iron. These lunches contained less protein, sodium, fiber, and other essential nutrients compared to the National School Lunch Program meals. Sixty-one percent of lunches from home also had deserts while school lunches had none. Snacks such as chips were seen more in packed lunches. Almost half of the lunches from home contained sugar-sweetened drinks while school provided lunches had none. Vegetables, fruits, and milk were also provided less in packed lunches compared to school lunches (Farris 2014). These results should be eye-opening to parents. School lunches have improved and are substantially healthier than most packed lunches. Parents can either let their child eat the school 's lunch, which is free for most students, or take the challenge and improve what they pack in their child 's lunch. Parents can encourage their child to eat healthier by allowing them to choose which fruit and vegetable they want in their lunch that day. Parents should put water or milk in the lunchbox instead of a sweetened drink. Desserts should be left out (Farris 2014). Also, parents should have patience when it comes to their child accepting healthy foods. Studies show it could take up to fifteen times (Farris 2014). "..but exposing children to healt...

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...trated throughout adolescent years is what makes a healthy adult. Staying active during adulthood is also very beneficial. The best way to prevent nutritional diseases in adulthood is to continue good or improve lifestyle choices.
In summary, parents and schools have the biggest impact on a child’s nutritional choices in many different ways. Parents must be a model for their children and show them how to make good choices in regards to food. Elementary and middle school is where children continue to grow and learn about nutrition. High schoolers display set-in-stone eating habits. However, there is always room to learn and improve. In adulthood, the best way to prevent nutritional diseases such as heart disease, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, and cancer is by simply continuing good eating and exercise habits.
“Prevention is better than cure.” – Desiderius Erasmus

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