Healthy Living Equals Longer Living Essay

Healthy Living Equals Longer Living Essay

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Starting from the first day we enter this world, we begin the process of aging. We start off as babies and progress to toddlers, children, teens, and finally adults. The very first day of our existence our body starts to age. As the body ages it starts to deteriorate. If a person does not take care of their body as they age, it shows that those are the main people that have the most complications later in life. All of these diseases would not be ruining peoples’ lives if they would take better care of themselves. Instead of eating a bag of chips one should grab and apple or orange, there are substitutes for the bad things people consume. A person should get out of the house and enjoy some fresh air instead of sitting inside everyday watching TV. These are all examples of bad lifestyles and this is what is making us look older then we really are and age faster. Lifestyle plays a major role in just how fast the body ages. Being that we all have different lifestyles we will age differently, but studies prove that a person that lives a healthy lifestyle ages slower than the average person living an unhealthy lifestyle. Exercising can help prevent the body from aging so fast and prevent breakdown of muscles. Eating healthy foods can help maintain a healthy weight which helps prevent so many health problems. No consumption of alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs prevents the breakdown of the body. Overall a healthy lifestyle equals longer living.
People can stop the aging process if they feed, rest, and recharge the body in the correct way. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle takes true dedication, but not without great rewards. “Regular exercise, not smoking, limited alcohol consumption, adequate sleep and a balanced diet are all aspects ...

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