Essay on Healthy Grief

Essay on Healthy Grief

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Grief is a natural response to some kind of loss a person faces, it can be a person’s own loss or a larger communal loss or even larger universal one. Whatever form it takes it would result into sadness due to any number of events, whether by death of a close one or due to some other kind of loss. The process of grief is usually not very controllable and passes through various stages. Depending upon the kind of event or the extent of loss, it can last for a few weeks to few months to few years. Historically, various attempts have been made to understand grief, whether from a coping perspective or treatment perspective.
History of grief models
Work on grief models was first initiated by Freud as part of his paper mourning and melancholia, the theory believed that severing relations or ties with the deceased was the ultimate ends to the process of grief. The theory goes on to assume that all the grief steps have to be passed in order to really get over the process of grief and one should endeavor to pass through those steps as quickly as possible. In theory he assumed that this can be sped up but once he lost his own son, as a father, his own process lasted quite a long time. (Shapiro, 2001)
Beyond that, a number of others have tried to contribute further to the work done by Freud and have more or less solely concentrated upon various stages in which the grief process occurs, this started with Kubler-Ross and was followed by other work done by Bowlby and eventually Parker and Reiss.
The reaction to most of these grief theories have been mixed, although the model presented by Kubler-Ross has apparently been the most popular model among all of these and have been widely quoted and used. One of the criticisms of these models ...

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... personal loss.
Human emotions are a little more complicated as compared to what some theories may suggest. Although theories regarding grief may help satiate our hunger towards making things predictable, it is true that all humans act differently in different circumstances and many reactions are also dependent upon the person and his / her personality types.

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