Healthy Foods, Value Meals and Obesity Essay

Healthy Foods, Value Meals and Obesity Essay

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Value meals vs. Regular menu We are all a part of highly evolved society where food is now apart of everything. Food & restaurants are involved in everything in our lives in any case. It is all about the problems with scarcity and the way we allocate the resources and the way we utilize things in order to optimize the returns. The aim is profit maximization and cost minimization. The customer is probably the most complicated piece of the puzzle in the world of restaurants and fast foods. They want preferential treatment and when they do not get the human element in the deal they simply walk out. But the reaction of the customer depends on the type and the nature of the product itself. As times are changing, people are work day and night to earn a decent living, and when they spent money they want the objects bought worth the cost. Value meal from a consumer’s perspective is very important, the reason being he is spending little money for a lot of stuff. It is human nature to be greedy, and if person is getting a Value meal that has several items in it for just $5 then why in the world would he ever want to spend $5 on a regular menu that just serves burgers and fries. Although this may sound as a joke but if America built lots of McDonalds and Burger Kings in enemy territories it would eradicate the need for atomic bombs, the reason; the obese population would soon self destruct. However the only problem is that America itself is becoming her own enemy with obesity reaching epidemic proportions. According to a recent observation, more and more Americans are becoming super sized with around 60% of them are adults, 14% of them are teens while the rest 13% are 6- to 11-year olds. This obesity that is growing is the real reason why...

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...t food restaurants and the restaurants which have take away facility. Now as restaurants see so many people interested in these deals they start providing things with them to attract more people like toys, puzzle games and other things like that mostly for children. Bibliography Great Value Gourmet: Meals and Menus by Paul Gayler Everything about Exchange Values for Foods: How to Add...Mixed Dishes, Prepared Products, More Your Diabetic Meal Plan by Marilyn A. Swanson, Pamela A. Cinnamon 30-Minute Meals 2 -- by Rachael Ray; First Meals -- by Annabel Karmel, Ian O'Leary

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