Essay on Healthy Family and Parenting Styles

Essay on Healthy Family and Parenting Styles

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What is a family? Most people would define the term family as a group of people, usually made of parents, children, and other relatives that live together. In addition to the “normal” family, there are also blended families, single parent families, and adoptive families. No matter the make-up of the family, families are healthier when they have boundaries, trust, and support within them. In the novel, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs, Miss Peregrine employs an authoritative parenting style, there is trust within their family, along with support. Jacob’s biological family on the other hand, lack in choosing an appropriate parenting style, they have trust issues, and they do not support each other. Miss Peregrine and the peculiar children represent a healthier family, when compared to Jacob’s biological family, based on the parenting style that each parental caregiver chooses to use, the trust that they have within their family, and the support that each family member provides for others in their family.
Parenting styles are terms that help identify the way an individual parent raises their child. There are two parenting styles reflected in Ransom Riggs’ novel: authoritative and uninvolved parenting. Researchers have found that authoritative parenting contributes to better academic performance, self-confidence, and responsible behavior (Chen). O’Keeffe describes authoritative parenting by parents who “display a warm, accepting attitude toward their children while maintaining firm expectations and restrictions on children's behavior” (Para 9). Authoritative parents listen, encourage, and set boundaries for their children; they also, implement rules and administer fair and constant discipline when needed. ...

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