Essay Healthy Eating : The Designer Brands Of The Food World

Essay Healthy Eating : The Designer Brands Of The Food World

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Healthy Eating: The Designer Brands of the Food World
“A man too busy to take care of his health is like a mechanic too busy to take care of his tools”- Spanish Proverb

In America, the traditional household where one spouse- usually the wife- stays home to take care of the family needs is almost rare. America’s debt problem has increased annually and is rapidly approaching 18 trillion dollars and is still growing (Patton 1). Working long hours, school, after school activities and commuting is overwhelming as it is and trying to bring food to the table increases the stress. America’s main reason for healthy eating “expensive” is due to our definition of price and our method of defining it is comparing price to portion. Healthier foods tend to have a lower density than unhealthy foods, which is why it takes 30 cucumbers to accumulate 1,000 calories compared to one packet of 200g ginger nut biscuits (Healthy 1). There is a substantial correlation between household debt and health (Averett 201). In America, particularly among the low-income populations, there is a "limited financing to affordable and nutritious foods" as a barrier preventing them from having a healthy diet (Carlson 22). Maintaining a healthy diet is strenuous to low-income households because they have limited access they possess in purchasing health foods.
Since the Revolutionary War, the United States’ debt toll has continues to rise and is at an astonishing amount of over 17 trillion dollars today. There is a significant correlation between health and household debt. Individuals with less healthy lifestyles are more likely to hold debt (Averett 201). Those with financial hardship had to cut back on food expenditures. Fast food today in America is very inexpensi...

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Americans need to realize healthy foods are affordable, but need to learn the concept of healthy eating and other techniques to make the healthy choice a more desirable option. Regardless of what ethnic background or financial situation a person obtains, everyone deserves the opportunity to purchase nutritious foods. Though maintaining a healthy diet is strenuous to low-income households due to their limited access they possess in purchasing health foods, the government and food industry should focus on producing healthy foods in order for everyone in the United States to afford. If the United States government wants its people to consume more healthy foods, they need to be able to meet us halfway. Eating healthy is not an easy task, but if the government and food industry can decrease their prices for healthy foods, Americans would be more eager to consume them.

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