Healthy Eating Is An Especially Big Trend For Women Essay

Healthy Eating Is An Especially Big Trend For Women Essay

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Recently in our society, there has been a major trend in trying to eat more healthily. Healthy eating is an especially big trend for women. In fact, according to ‘, it is “out of the 1 million Americans that are vegan, 79 percent of them are women” ‘(2014) . Furthermore, with all of this discussion of health trends definitely makes people wonder what does the word health actually mean? Well, health is “the condition of being well being and free from disease”( Health, 2015).Also, with all that in mind, people still ponder about what exactly they should be doing in order to live a healthy life. Besides the basic actions like moderate amounts of physical activity such as exercise or even avoiding junk foods, there are some “healthy foods” that humans should be consuming in utter moderation as well like meat. Along with core food groups such as grains, fruits and vegetables, meat should be consumed in generally small portions as it is an excellent source of protein for people. Some of which can not always be found in other food groups like vegetables. That being said, meat is necessary in order for one to be able to live a healthy lifestyle.
As a society, we have been accustomed to eating meat for thousands of years that it would be bizarre if we all of a sudden stopped. Meat is a major part of people’s diets all around the globe. According to Jennifer Preyss, award-winning writer for the Victoria Advocate, “About two billion people around the world that eat meat in their diets” (2012).Now, two billion might not seem like a large number due to the world population being about seven billion but, one cannot wholly deny the fact that 2 billion people is still quite a lot of people in world to be consuming meat. Also, in 2...

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...y from a diet, it makes one much more likely to have health problems. Given the idea that is in mind, it makes one look further into the ways of how to eat and live well.
That being said, in no way shape or form should one’s diet lean toward an “extreme” of either meat or vegetables. One cannot just consume seventy two ounce sirloin steaks for a straight week nor can you just eat a diet consisting of seeds, vegetables, and plants. No, in fact, what I am trying to say is that moderation of both meats and vegetables is the true key to a healthy, well-balanced diet. With all this talk of health really puts our everyday thoughts into perspective about the difference of what society deems to be healthy and what actually is, especially the pressure that is put on young women to be “healthy”. Just think about that the next time you sit down and contemplate your next meal.

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