Essay about Healthy Eating And Active Living

Essay about Healthy Eating And Active Living

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There has been a direct link between happiness and health for as long as people can remember. In modern day society, it’s almost impossible to keep up with a healthy lifestyle. People everywhere are switching to cheaper and unhealthier food. More jobs are switched to sitting in office chairs all day. Healthy eating and active living requires time that many of us don 't have or can 't seem to find. Getting a full night of sleep is also rare for many people and studies have shown that more people are considered sleep-deprived everyday. A few simple changes to your lifestyle can be the difference between happiness and misery. Making time for yourself is one of the most important things you can do. Give your body the care it needs and you will see it benefit you in endless ways.
Exercise can promote psychological well-being and improve the quality of life. Staying physically active is a struggle for many people. Some will claim they do not have time for it while others will say that they just don’t enjoy it. However, after exercising, most feel less stress and a lift in their moods. Once you get into the habit of exercising every day, even if it is a short amount of time, the habit will stick. Studies have shown that even a brisk walk for 10 minutes can affect you in a positive way (Ubelacker, 2015). Exercising can be a huge boost to one’s self-esteem. After a workout, it is proven to increase self satisfaction. Knowing that you got up and did something beneficial to your body can make someone happy for the rest of their day. Pride will show throw in physical accomplishments and reverse bad moods. Regular physical activity is known to reduce stress. The stress can be taken out through exercise. The ex...

... middle of paper ... do. Sleep also improves the immune system, muscle tone, and skin. A good night of sleep will make you feel replenished and ready to take on another day.
Health is truly the key to a happy and successful life. A healthy life is composed of many different factors but a healthy diet, exercise, and sleep can be play the biggest roles in your lifestyle. The good news? Happiness is not as far away as one might think. “Small changes in behavior add up: limiting the amount of television you watch, getting enough sleep, not looking for the closest parking space but rather choosing the farthest one” (Jameson, 2012). Health is something many can control, yet choose to ignore. Everyone has the ability to change their lifestyle. The benefits are endless. Regular exercise, a nutritious diet, and proper rest might be the missing key to happiness in today’s society.

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