Essay about Healthy Decisions Is A Choice A Person Must Make For Themselves

Essay about Healthy Decisions Is A Choice A Person Must Make For Themselves

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Healthy Decisions is a choice a person must make for themselves. Numerous people create bad habits for themselves due to stress, creating bad habits unknowingly, or passed down these bad habits from loved ones. The journey of breaking the old habits and creating healthy habits is a hard for many. The key elements that needs to remain strong in order to have a healthy life are physically, emotional, mental and social. In order you to have a healthy life you must review the unhealthy habits you have created for yourself and what is the objective you desire once becoming healthy. There is no correct or wrong time in becoming healthy, the objective needs to be maintain your healthy lifestyle.
Many people want to live long and healthy lives without having to change bad habits in their life. In my personal life I have gone through complete wellness journey, I had many bad habits that were passed down to me as a child and those I created out of stress. Before changing my life I had insomnia, stress eating, antisocial behavior, and my weight was out of control. Once day I decided to take action in my life due to I saw I was existing but not living. In changing my wellness journey I didn’t seek recommendations from my health care provider on how to proceed. I created my own wellness action plan by researching my family’s medical history, my own unhealthy habits, and what diets would be best suited for my needs.
In my family history I learned I am at a higher risk for strokes, heart attacks, breast cancer, high blood pressure, and diabetes. In viewing many of my family member have these illnesses it caused the determination to not have the same fate as them. Having strokes and heart attacks occur to my father it opened my eyes that the sev...

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...d thus allowing the body to not continuous work during sleep.
Socially is one of my hardest elements of my wellness journey due to I’m not a very social person. In order to not deter myself emotionally I would have analyze the relationships I currently and ask the questions are they healthy for me, is it a toxic relationship, does this relationship bring me joy? If the answer is no then I would have to walk away to maintain the peace I have. Many times the hardest part is walking away from a relationship. In order to maintaining relationships mutually you must an effort in order to have it successful. I have the hardest time in letting those around me go but once I see a person not making in an effort to have relationship I begin to slowly to walk away, then one day we don’t have a relationship.
In conclusion, becoming healthy is more than just eating right and

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