Essay on Healthy Choices for Better Living

Essay on Healthy Choices for Better Living

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Does the media truly influence and play and key role in childhood obesity? Can we hold the media responsible for our food purchases and meals that we as a society choose to provide our children? Certainly there are a multitude of influences in the media and yes, they are geared toward our children. Commercials ran during children’s programming appeal to our youth with catchy jingles, bright colors and actors promoting these products that portray popular characters on our children’s favorite shows. Why wouldn’t our children want us to purchase them? It works in the same way that advertising toys during children’s programming sway a child into wanting a particular product. Due to the influence of the media, parents feel they are appeasing their children and ultimately forgetting about the potential long term effects of these “popular snacks and convenience items”, and instead are buying them purely to keep from disappointing our children.
Our society is using the media as a scapegoat for their poor decisions and holding them liable for our children’s health and well-being. Several popular studies have been conducted as a result of the rise in childhood obesity. Lynn Roblin went after the topic from food and nutrient perspective in “Childhood Obesity: Food, Nutrient, and eating-habit trends and influences. Tuesday Udell and Kaye Mehta took on the perspective from a newspaper and paper media standpoint in “When two sides go to war: Newspaper reporting of ‘television food advertising restriction’ as a solution to childhood obesity”. While yet another fascinating study was performed by JaneMaree Maher, Suzanne Fraser and Jo Lindsay in the article “Between Provisioning and consuming?: Children, Mothers and ‘childhood obesity”. All...

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...ate on current trends and new possibilities that will help to increase their overall success rate. Childhood obesity starts at home and our children are learning by example. So since it has started there, that is precisely where it should end.

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