Healthy Choices And The Barriers Of Nutrition Education Essay

Healthy Choices And The Barriers Of Nutrition Education Essay

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Healthy Choices and the Barriers of Nutrition Education: Behavioral
Economic Status
In this decade, the roles of nutrition education have been influence in school and society due to the higher percentage of obesity and type II diabetes in among group with low education and low incomes. Many researchers and USDA assume that the cause of this issue is based on the food price, food availability, independent, lack of self-control and social class. These findings have important implication for nutrition education educator, parents, communities and government to provide the guideline of food choice, to gain the nutritional knowledge and skills for the students. However, the author Porter from "Barriers to Implementing Nutrition Education in Schools” argues that there are some of the barriers in Nutrition Education program for students and adults as well. Although he may seem of concern to only a small group of some school community member, it should in fact concern anyone who cares about their healthy choices in any social class. In this mapping issue paper, I will seek three main argument positions in nutrition education program that concern about health, education and Logistics in all ages and all social classes.
Almost every school district in the state across the U.S have nutrition education program starting from the very early stages through secondary school because it is design to provide the information, encourage behavior change conducive to adopt a healthful diet, guidelines of healthy food choices to maintain healthy lifestyle and environment. Moreover, the purpose of the Nutrition program also develop skills and behaviors related to areas such as food preparation, food preservation and storage; social and cultural aspec...

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...essed that the student should only the main subject beside the nutrition education. They claimed that having nutrition education program at the school will not help to prevent the children from obesity. For instance, people have the right to choose the foods they eat and self- control is also play in the role of the eating habit. Even though the student who already been in nutrition education program, they might still eat what they want to eat instead of thinking about their nutrition fact or health concern when feeling hungry. Because food decision based on the emotional rather than rational thought. After all, it is not easy to follow the instruction or information from nutrition education although they have gained the knowledge and skills from it. Therefore the economic researcher stated that having nutrition education program is just wasting the time and money.

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