Healthy Children with Healthy Mouths Essay

Healthy Children with Healthy Mouths Essay

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Oral health in children is a very large and growing concern in the world today. Most children in today’s society do not realize the importance of their oral health, and how it can affect their lives. Even worse some parents do not know how important it is to get their children the dental care and attention they need. However, many parents are asking their children’s dentist some very important questions. First-time parents frequently question what thumb sucking and pacifiers’ can do to their child’s teeth and jaw line. While other parents want to know what tooth decay is. Additionally, parents are concerned about early childhood caries. Parents with older children often wonder if their child will be in need of braces. Parents repeatedly wonder at what age a child should seek orthodontic care. However, all parents are asking the “million dollar question” and that is; what is the best way to keep my child’s mouth healthy and protected?
Many children when infants and some even as toddlers suck on pacifiers and or their thumb. This is a natural instinct that children have; most children begin by sucking on a pacifier shortly after birth. Parents for many years have lived and sworn by these items to help soothe, or even quiet a screaming baby, other provide them in order to prevent SID’S also known as sudden infant death. While some children who have never sucked on a pacifier a day in their life could grow up to be thumb suckers. While sucking on these such items shows no direct harm if used properly and for not an overly prolonged amount of time. Studies have been conducted to see just what type of damage or harm can be done to the mouth, teeth and even the jaw-line.
“During a child’s first few years, sucking habits are unlikely...

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...eir braces,that their teeth will come out looking great. With extra effort, everyone can have great teeth, and that’s something you can be proud of.

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