Healthy And Healthy Diet Food Essay examples

Healthy And Healthy Diet Food Essay examples

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There is some customers who really, really conscious about their health. So, they think they need to have some exercise which they know health is more important than wealth. If health is good then one can earn lot of money without any doubt. In this segment they do not have money problem so they want to have healthy and diet food. Everyone wants to have fit and healthy body but these people mainly focus on their health. As we know today’s consumer more than 80 percent tends to have healthy and diet food. As I provide them very healthy and nutritious food to consumer. They are heavy users because they strongly want to have healthy, organic food and coffee and even they do not care about price of food. As I have targeted people who are 14-80 years old including all genders tends to have healthy food, natural, no color added. As far as my concerned there is no age bar limit to have diet food. As my cafe is family cafe too so some family desires to spend time with their child apart from busy life. Most of customer do not have brand but they organic, fresh, and healthy food. Those who are falls on this category are brand switcher because if another cafe provide healthier food then go. They do not stick with only one product. Talking about promotion then I use you tube, newspaper, magazines and face book because it is the easiest one and most people use in their daily life so it is easier to get in highlighted and promote our facts is that we make it interesting one by having famous cartoon artist and famous people in the promotion.
Service/relationship focused
Service and relationship focused is also part of my customer segmentation. Service also varies on sells. Great service always makes customer to come again and again...

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...s better because in the same way we can do the marketing segments profile always comes in first place. As segments profile helps to gives the information and lets us know to identify how clearly they could meet the needs which help to select a target market. Therefore, it is the overall attractiveness of the segments. And later we can develop a proper marketing mix. In other words, segments profile enable marketers to develop the marketing mix which will satisfy the customers. As segments profile helps to know about detail description of each segment, as a group of customers. As business owner would use any source of information to do segment profile. After knowing all these information then business owner can do marketing segments. Marketing mix cannot do before segment profile. So, developing a segments profile is more important before determining my marketing mix.

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