Healthy And Affordable Food Choices Essay

Healthy And Affordable Food Choices Essay

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Healthy and affordable food choices on the go or even just in the store is a huge and worldwide ongoing problem that of course cannot be fixed overnight. To help start and put one foot forward to improvements in the availability of healthy food options and choices in lower income neighborhoods, we as a community and a whole should do the following.
Many different methods could be tried to help improve the problem. This is simply because one method may not work as well as the other. As Denis Waitley says “Failure should be our teacher, not our undertaker. Failure is delay, not defeat. It is a temporary detour, not a dead end. Failure is something we can avoid only by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing.”
For example, we can try to advertise health food choices better at fast food place and give the consumer health facts on the food, open up health food restaurant locations in lower income neighborhoods, or lower the healthy food choice in the neighborhood grocery store.
The first method is better advertisement of healthy food choices in fast food locations in about them to help with the choices of the customer meal. When a person walks into a restaurant the first thing that catches the eye on the menu may be the Chefs special, the cheapest option, the big and juicy deluxe combo, or the deal of the day. The healthier options are usually sitting on the side of the menu and may not even get noticed by a customer if they’re not paying attention. They usally would have the healthy choices in small or plain lettering with no picture. This is not going to catch the same attention as the other less health foods that are clearly placed front and center with realistic pictures that look like it right in your face, bright and ...

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...may not agree upon one method, so keeping an open mind on the other different methods could have a huge impact on the healthy choices that are within lower-income neighborhood environments and communities. Everyone is not going to agree upon one single method of accomplishing this task, but if we pick the right one that the majority of everyone agrees with there may be a possible positive affect within the lower income neighborhoods. A positive effect will help provide them with a healthier lifestyle and last medical problems that are from eating unhealthy food and not having enough balance in their diet. With the three methods to improve the health food options in lower income neighborhoods I believe that we can change the way go about picking the food choices on the go.
" All it takes is one step and a helping head to make a change a lifestyle." - Lakeesha Johnson

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