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Healthier Living Practices Essay

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Research has made it clear that healthier living practices need to be implemented in our daily lives. Health concerns have raised awareness and motivation throughout the world in recent years. An interest in more physically interactive public areas and spaces has been a proposed idea to the matter. The Chicago’s World Fair became a catalyst of sorts to organized, active and functional landscaping. Funding is provided from both state and federal agencies but has recently been an area of less concern. Ignoring potential health benefits from public areas by not constructing them is perhaps worth the extra available budget to some but recent studies show that the populous needs the areas to live healthier lives. Nevertheless, the success of these outdoor areas has left many questioning why their local community or city does not have such a place. More specifically explained by Joachim P Sturmberg, Carmel M. Martin and Di O’Halloran’s Journal, Music in the Park, parks offer “universal access and equity to be shared by all who want to go there (409).”

Public spaces like parks and plazas offer many features that make them positive investments. Lavish open green lawns are a key factor and are the most notable characteristic of a park today. “The possibility of being physically active is greater among those living in areas with a larger proportion of land dedicated to public parks (1420).” The quote from Eduardo J. Simoes’ article concerning physical activity in public parks suggest that simply having more available recreational areas will influence the public to be active. Setting aside land for public space is done at both state and federal levels but at times get wasted and not used to its upmost potential. An organization out of Fl...

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...ivity promotion and parks and recreation, the role of public parks and recreation setting has been acknowledged only recently by public health professions.” An area that has been revolutionized within the last century and only has room to grow, innovate and change the lives of all. “Despite the increasing recognition of the growing role of parks and recreation, a number of questions remain unanswered about how park and recreation programs are central to physical activity promotion within communities. (1)” Regardless the fact that these public places are positively influencing our communities, children lives, and inevitably paving the way for a healthier tomorrow should be reason enough to support the construction and use of more public spaces. Healthier, happier people are the outcome of these areas, lets embrace these spaces and make an effort to keep them clean.

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