Essay on Healthcare Worldwide & the United States Reform

Essay on Healthcare Worldwide & the United States Reform

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At one point or another, everyone in the world experiences getting a flu bug that is going around or trying to outrun that nasty cold or allergies, brought on from a change in climate or seasons. While some may attempt to use home remedies to try to cure symptoms, the fact is that the human body is not capable of outrunning everything. Although it may just be the common cold, a tiny cough could potentially become a larger issue. Eventually, a visit to a provider to receive antibiotics or a diagnosis may be necessary. Both around the world and in the United States, countless individuals seek medical treatment or diagnosis through some form of a healthcare system. With recent changes to the healthcare system established in the United States, this paper will explore and compare the components of healthcare systems worldwide, to the new components being implemented through the Affordable Care Act.
Sick Around the World explores the components that define the healthcare systems of multiple capitalist countries around the world. The best of component of the government-run British National Health Service is its dedication to providing services to everyone, with no fees, no bankruptcy or bills. Additionally, using gatekeepers before individuals seek possible treatment from a specialist cuts back on additional unnecessary visits. Across the continent, patients of the Japanese system have easier access to healthcare providers due to no appointments needed and the existence of house calls. Another great component in Japan is the tightly controlled fixed prices for drugs and procedures, which allow costs to be low for Japanese patients. Similarly, Germany has managed to remove profit from its insurance companies, due to fixed yearly prices...

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...believe there will be more challenges and complaints that will arise. Deep down, I hope that this reform, within the next few years, will lead to coverage and quality care for all, but it is a big task. In the end, only time will tell.

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