Healthcare Teams, And Poor Rehab Potential Essay

Healthcare Teams, And Poor Rehab Potential Essay

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healthcare teams, and poor rehab potential (Weill, Benden, Corris, Dark, Davis, Keshavjee, & Snell, 2015, p. 3). Relative contraindications, from this same source, include age greater than 65, class I obesity, progressive or severe malnutrition, severe symptomatic osteoporosis, and mechanical ventilation to name a few (Weill et al. 2015, p. 4). As evidenced by the above information, there is a great deal that goes into screening and approving a person to receive a lung transplant, and this same meticulous screening process goes into approving a person for donating an organ.
Donor Physical and Psychosocial
In order to better understand the donor criteria, some definitions must be clarified. A Brain-dead donor is declared this by neurologic criteria for brain death; donation after cardiac death, DCD, is the donor being declared dead by circulatory criteria for death; living related donor relates to a family member by blood donating to another family member that needs the transplant; and living unrelated donor is someone living donating to someone anonymously or altruistically (Urden, Stacy, & Lough, 2014, p. 952). The donation process for all of the above mentioned is one that involves many tests and management from the organ procurement organization, or OPO. There are standing orders for the organ donor and medical management of the cadaveric donor with the end goal of maximizing oxygenation and providing optimal organ perfusion (Urden, Stacy, & Lough, 2014, p. 957). The donor management clinical parameters are as follows, mean arterial pressure 60-110 mm Hg; central venous pressure 4-12 mm Hg, ejection fraction>50%; vasopressors, one low dose; arterial blood gas pH 7.3-7.5; P:F ratio >300 on positive end expiratory pressure of ...

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...onse by decreasing the proliferation of sensitized t-cells, and they impair production of interleukins and decrease macrophage mobility (Urden, Stacy, & Lough, 2014, p. 963). From this use, the patient is more susceptible to infection, osteoporosis, avascular necrosis of joints, fragile skin, poor wound healing, susceptibility to skin cancers, insulin resistance and problems with obesity, so as the nurse our goal is to titrate to the lowest level as possible, but increase the dose with rejection (Urden, Stacy, & Lough, 2014, p. 963). Calcineurin inhibitors, an example being cyclosporine, have the mechanism of action where they suppress the activation of the T lymphocytes, which inhibit the production of interleukin-2, but this medication leaves them with the slight ability to protect themselves from infection, unlike the steroids (Urden, Stacy, & Lough, 2014, p. 964)

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