Healthcare System of India Needs Healing Too Essay

Healthcare System of India Needs Healing Too Essay

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No doubt we are a very progressing nation with a huge population of 120 crores and maximum of them are youth with huge potential and will to serve the nation. According to an average status we have only 1 doctor over 2000 people which is very low and ranks to 67th among 133 developing nation. Also the ratio of nurses over people stands very low to 1:2950 which ranks India at 75th nation among 133 countries. The total public expenditure by government on medical facilities stands to be 1.5% of our total GDP. We have only got 63 hospital beds for over 10000 patients, though we have got some very multispecialty hospitals which attract huge medical tourist from all over the world.
But leaving this behind let’s focus on some of the health focus of India in medicals.


According to a 2010 report, 35% of India’s children below the age of three were malnourished, which was already great than the stats of sub-Saharan African region of 25%. Although India’s economy grew 50% from 2007–2012, its child-malnutrition rate only dropped by 2%, lagging behind countries of similar growth rate. Malnutrition induces the social and cognitive development of a child, lowering his educational attainment and money he can earn as an adult. These irreversible damages resulted in lower productivity.

High infant mortality rate

Approximately 1.72 million children die each year before turning one. The infant mortality rates have been declining, from 190 deaths per thousand in 2002 respectively to 50 deaths per thousand live births in 2010. However, this decline has lowered. Reduced funding for immunization leaves only 43.5% of the young children fully immunized. A study done by the Future He...

... middle of paper ... year duration, may be extended by six months. Similarly, rural health facility could be made a part of the super-specialty (DM) courses. There is noticeably a need to appoint a task force/commission to reassess all aspects of postgraduate medical education in India to make specialty and super-specialty services obtainable to rural India.
Foundation of our rural health services was laid by Bhore committee about 60 years ago when acute infections conquered the health scenario. In view of the altering health scenario, it is time to review the construction of rural health services and tailor medicinal education to meet their needs.
The Government should desist from applying its decision to create huge number of medical colleges. Just as no battle has been won in human history by ill trained armies, woes of the health sector cannot be solved by ill trained medics.

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