Healthcare Management : A Model Of Nursing Home Essay

Healthcare Management : A Model Of Nursing Home Essay

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As a nursing home model, Green Houses are obviously providers of long-term care services, including basic nursing and medical services. According to Kane et al., “A group of GHs on a campus or scattered in a residential neighborhood operates under a nursing home license and within a state’s usual Medicaid reimbursement amounts, although a redistribution of expenditures could occur (2007). Researchers of healthcare management (and healthcare managers themselves) have an interest in studying the differences healthcare management variables that arise between different nursing home models. Healthcare management factors of interest include a model’s financial feasibility (especially for nursing home services covered by some public funds, like Medicaid), quality of healthcare services provided, and CNA staff turnover rates. These factors all effect the efficiency and quality of the services that healthcare managers are attempting to provide. Considering that the Green House Project is a model of nursing home care, GHs can also be studied from the perspective of healthcare managers.
First of all, healthcare managers have to be accountable for their institution’s finances; they have to be aware of their budget, whether they are a public or private institution. Some managers might worry that Green Houses are too small (with only 7-12 residents) to be fiscally feasible. However, although GHs have fewer residents per CNA, the GH model actually allows these CNAs to take on mores responsibilities in both indirect activities (like laundry and general housekeeping), while still providing nursing care for the residents; in fact, one study found that the total paid staff time for both direct and indirect care was actually less in the GHs compared ...

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...9). Environments that are considered easier for seniors with dementia to adapt to “include a small number of residents per living area, . . . and the provision of only 1 living/dining room” (Marquardt & Schmieg, 2009). Since the Green Houses have a maximum of 12 residents, and only have one kitchen/dining area and one communal room, the Green House spaces help their elderly residents adapt to their surroundings.
Green Houses offer interesting material for human geographers to study because Green Houses are spaces that have been built with their residents’ needs in mind. The Green Houses are built to make nursing homes feel more like home, rather than like a medical institution. By considering factors that make environments more home-like and easier for seniors to adapt to, the Green House Project uses aspects of human geography to improve residents’ experiences.

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