The Healthcare Industry Of The Pharmaceutical Industry Essay

The Healthcare Industry Of The Pharmaceutical Industry Essay

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Executive Summary
Presidential election candidates have always used the topic of American healthcare in their debates when attempting to garner the favor of the nation. Healthcare cost is estimated in the billions for access, medication, and administrative services. Eventually, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), was modeled to address some of the issues that plagued the healthcare industry. Implementation of PPACA was the first phase of incorporating the needs of American citizens and provides a process to reach future quality outcomes. It was created to not only provide access of healthcare to citizens, but to analyze the procedures and policies of companies throughout the healthcare market. Healthcare is very important to any society and innovative ideas to enhance medicine come at a high price. Patients are willing to go through financial bankruptcy, with the hopes of gaining the significant benefits proper healthcare and medications. The demand for medication and technology that would improve quality of life was the driving force behind the development of the pharmaceutical industry.
Elements within the pharmaceutical industry was assess to allocate the most appreciate collaboration with health care management to identify the goals to ensure healthy patients. Affordability, as described in the PPACA, could positively or negatively impact the longevity of the pharmaceutical industry. In prior years, the pharmaceutical industry had capitalized on the demand of the necessary development of medical drugs. The most challenging aspect for this industry going forward will be to collaborate with additional healthcare institutions to enhance communication and provide medication at an affordable cost. Strategic pl...

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...ebates, reduce wasteful-dispensing and improve medication regimens for patients with chronic diseases. They also target improvement in communication and encourage transparency among current prescriptions plans and subsidies of certain plans (§ 3303, § 3305, § 3310, § 3503) . Lastly, “Strengthening quality, affordable healthcare for all Americans” under PPACA (2010), Title X, § 10328 of Subtitle C, “Improvement in Part D Medication Therapy Management” adds a new authorized layer of safety for the patient from the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmacists can now reduce cost of medications by eliminating the duplication of prescriptions. This effectively targets and reduce polypharmacy, the usage of multiple medications by patients. These industry changes aim to eliminate waste from the current market and utilize better medication coverage to improve the health of patients.

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