Essay about The Healthcare Industry Is The Shortage Of Physicians

Essay about The Healthcare Industry Is The Shortage Of Physicians

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The healthcare industry as a whole is in a phase of growth and change in today’s consumer driven economy. While improvements are being generated and implemented into patient care facilities across the board, there are still several issues with out solid solutions or plans for reformation, which leaves the future of the industry in question. One of the front issues facing the healthcare industry is the shortage of physicians. This shortfall is so drastic that, “The Association of Medical Colleges forecasts a shortfall of 91,000 physicians by 2020,” (Askin, Moore, Peck 2016).
Shortages are in part due to difficulty of being accepted and succeeding in medical school, as well as the expanding market of newly insured patients by the Affordable Healthcare Act. As more patients are insured, the shortage of doctors will continue to grow because these patients will need physicians to treat them. While there is a growing shortage of physicians in the United States, more specifically, there is a growing shortage of primary care providers. The job of a primary care physician is less appealing to medical school students, as family doctors have to treat more patients and deal with more paperwork, yet they will end with the same amount of debt from medical school as those physicians that choose to specialize.
The shortfall of physicians is not beneficial for the quality of care received and the overall wellbeing of the patient. The main goal of marketing is customer satisfaction, in this case the patient; therefore, this gap in care creates opportunities in marketing to find solutions that promote the overall satisfaction and health of the patient. One of the ways marketing can alleviate the pressure of the shortage in physicians is through p...

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...ose to be a primary physician when each occupation requires four-years of medical school and, likely, the hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt that goes along with it.
While marketing has the opportunity to influence, guide, and reduce some of the issues facing the healthcare industry, it cannot fix any of the problems. These problems can only be solved through systematic reforms, whether that be through the structure of medical school and residency programs, compensation by insurers, or government influence. Each solution has its benefits and drawbacks, therefore it may be better for healthcare providers and administrators to adopt a combination of changes to better adapt to the evolving industry and serve patients.

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Askin, Elisabeth, MD, Nathan Moore, MD, and William Peck, MD. The Health Care Handbook. 2nd ed. N.p.: Washington U, 2016. Print.

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