The Healthcare Delivery Systems : Inter Professional Collaboration Essay

The Healthcare Delivery Systems : Inter Professional Collaboration Essay

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In an effort to double, or even triple the responsiveness of the healthcare delivery systems, inter-professional collaboration should not be overlooked. A proper understanding of the inter-professional collaboration among health regulators, educators, professionals, along with professional associations is important. It familiarizes them with inter-professional relationships in their aim to tackle difficult health problems, which increase on a daily basis.
Inter-professional collaboration is the process of establishing and sustaining an inter-professional working relationship among students, practitioners, or patients in an effective manner in order to optimize the provision of healthcare services. Collaborative elements include trust, resect, partnership and shared decision-making. Team work, collaborative leadership, integration of role of clarifications, and patient-centered healthcare are important factors for inter-professional teams of students and practitioners to carry out their duties effectively (Roddick, 2009, p. 299).
Healthcare organizations which adopt this important aspect in their healthcare delivery models are advantaged in their efforts to provide better service to their patients. As a result of close interaction with their healthcare professionals, patients are able to make well informed choices on how their health can be managed. Often referred to as collective responsibility, the greatest impact happens when every health professional is involved in providing healthcare solutions. This includes medical experts working both within and outside their line of duty by assisting other healthcare professionals in providing their services. Through consistent sharing of information and experi...

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...s along with power and management hierarchy contributes to inter-professional collaboration effectiveness through communication. This includes exchange of feedback and addressing of conflicting views among themselves.
To fully integrate inter-professional collaborative models in the healthcare organization, the staff should identify ethical problems through guidance from the ethical framework created. By contributing to ethical reasons and decisions, this enables the team to function effectively by developing shared values among themselves. To create this conducive working environment, it will be important to educate the staff on how to recognize the inter-professional team dynamics relative to their personal values among the team. This will facilitate team work when tackling ethical dilemmas and provides a framework making ethical decisions as a team.

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