Healthcare Associated Infections ( Hais ) Essay examples

Healthcare Associated Infections ( Hais ) Essay examples

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Statement of the issue: Healthcare Associated infections (HAIs)
Healthcare associated infections (HAIs) are infections that patient normally acquire through their healthcare setting during treatment for their medical conditions (Allegranzi et al. 2011). HAIs can be spread by multidisciplinary teams from their hand or via working environment. This paper will explain the importance of correct hand hygiene (HH) as a key method to prevent and control HAIs. HAIs are primarily unnecessary adversative result in patients which is linked with the important mobility, extra usages of capitals and humanity (Pissoa- Silvia et al.2007).
System of rules, answerabilities and method is a clinical governance which is focused at civilizing efficiency, protecting and delivering quality of patient care (Berman et al. pp.595). One of the four component of the clinical governance is the clinical risk. The main role of CG is to progress general clinical safety and reduce the possible risk in health care (Berman et al. pp.596). One of main focusing sector in HAIs is to deliver high standard effective care and clinical safety to the clients (Berman et al. pp.596). Continual development will contribute to CG by decreasing HAIs in patient safety. Every year about 20,0000 event of HAIs are happening in Australia (Ryan et al. 2012). Pontivivo et al. (2012) expected 30-50% patient are preventable who were hospitalized for treatment however, 5-15% patient are pretentious from HAIs. Fitzpatrik et al. (2011) believe HH is only one major cause of HAIs which could be prevented by using proper hand hygiene technique and can save actual cost in healthcare system. Cost related to HAIs contains expensive medication, long stay in hospital and multifaceted medicinal tre...

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...upportable HHCR. Which also exposes enhance protest individually related to decrease infection ratio in greater risk of infant (Pessoa-Silvia, CL et al. 2007).
Variety of study being done in different setting and countries that’s why there was difficulty with contrast and compare the study because of different sampling, methods and designs. However, Sabdar, N & Abad, C 2008 study is more consistent and based on evidence and it could identify all around the world which is applied in different types studies and countries. Although, all the studies have the same outcome about HAIs education and increasing HHCR, they should have a progressive effect in monitoring and stopping HAIs. However, trial test in a group shows one by one result rise in HHCR but no decrease in MRSA rate. Which suggests different studies increase in HHCR to only one way to decrease and stop HAIs.

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