Health, Wellness, And Quality Of Life For People With Chronic Conditions

Health, Wellness, And Quality Of Life For People With Chronic Conditions

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You have a leadership position in a setting that provides occupational therapy and physical therapy. You have been approached about expanding the services you provide in your setting to include wellness opportunities for people with chronic conditions. You are responsible for making the decision for your setting. You searched for evidence on the topic and found the two articles we sent to you.

Synthesize the information in the two articles to come to a well-reasoned and justified conclusion about whether or not to implement a wellness program in your setting for the purposes of improving health, wellness, and quality of life for people with chronic conditions. Include:

Matuska, Giles-Heinz, Flinn, Neighbor, & Bass-Haugen (2003) discussed the outcomes of a wellness program for adults aged 65 years or greater who live in a community-dwelling setting. The wellness program was comprised of weekly sessions for 6 months discussing topics that may help the adults reduce personal and environmental barriers to improve quality of life (QoL) (Matuska, Giles-Heinz, Flinn, Neighbor, & Bass-Haugen, 2003). Topics of discussion include transportation, stress, life balance, safety associated with fall prevention, communication, aging (Matuska et al., 2003). Participants completed an intake form and SF-36 Health Survey prior to entering the program to obtain baseline data with the SF-36 Health Survey completed 6 months following the program too (Matuska et al., 2003). Matuska et al. (2003) determined QoL associated with vitality, social functioning, and mental health were statistically significant with positive trends in all areas of the SF-36. While the results were generally positive, the authors recognized limitations including...

... middle of paper ...

...ions as a result of congenital or acquired disabilities desire a wellness program provided by the physical and occupational therapists at Lifescape AbleKids to manage and decrease their child’s secondary conditions?

Study design and procedures
This study will be aimed at identifying

Operational definitions within your plan/pilot study


Measures (including reliability and validity)

Data analysis

Matuska, K., Giles-Heinz, A., Flinn, N., Neighbor, M., & Bass-Haugen, J. (2003). Brief Report-
Outcomes of a pilot occupational therapy wellness program for older adults. American
Journal of Occupational Therapy, 57(2), 220-224.
Rimmer, J., Chen, M-D., & Hsieh, K. (2011). A conceptual model for identifying, preventing,
and managing secondary conditions in people with disabilities. Physical Therapy, 91(12),

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