Health Strategy Analysis Survey : A Multi Disciplinary Method For Gathering The Information

Health Strategy Analysis Survey : A Multi Disciplinary Method For Gathering The Information

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Health strategy analysis survey is a multi-disciplinary method for gathering the information that goals to clarify the actual act and the information collected from the different sources. It is useful both altogether to approach the challenges and to study the past policy failures, achievements, and to plan strategically for future actions (Swayne, Duncan, & Hinter, 2012, p. 48). I selected the organization South Bend Clinics (SBC), South Bend for the affordable health care act issue analysis because of few reasons. First, after reading survey reports and watching news on it, I thought it would be difficult for providers to implement this act effectively because of changes made in this act are sudden without taking providers into trust. Second, I use to work at SBC as voluntary observer. So in this way I know their system very well, how organization works. Third, recently I notice billing error on invoice.
I chose to interview Dr. Copeland for the issue analysis because he not only worked as laboratory staff, but has also honestly played role of effective strategic health care leader at the SBC. Dr. Copeland has been working at the SBC for last fifteen years. After attaining his Ph.D. Dr. Copeland joined the SBC and where he-has worked in various roles as an administrator for the past seven years. Dr. Copeland has been a director of laboratory and radiology services at the SBC.
History of South Bend Clinic
The South Bend clinic is the oldest clinic in the Michiana area. The South Bend clinic was established in 1916 with the efforts from Dr. Walter Baker, a South Bend surgeon, and since the foundation, the clinic has provided primary and specialized care to their patients. More importantly, it h...

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...model. But the pilot results (Hussey, Ridgely, & Rosenthal, 2011, pp. 2116-2124) suggest that the desired benefits of this and other payment reforms may take time and considerable effort to materialize.
The ACA not only outline the principles of transparency, impartiality, patient involvement, in health care but also, nondiscrimination by the providers based on insurance policy. The historic health care reform and transformational ACA continues to be profoundly troubling for some and controversial for many. But this is due to lack of understanding in the public about what this law does and its effects (Huntington, Covington, Center, and Covington, & Manchikanti, 2011, p. 272). Therefore, it is an organization’s responsibility to educate its employees and administrators about how to guide patients and their families over the concerns they have.

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