The Health Risks Of Consuming Certain Foods Essay

The Health Risks Of Consuming Certain Foods Essay

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On average , based on weight and height , the typical person consumes about 1,996 pounds of food.( . Additionally , in America, around 1 in 4 people consume junk food everyday( What is the health risk of consuming certain foods? Should we be concerned with where our food is coming from? Most people simply do not care enough to think about these questions but they should. Being concerned about where your food is coming from is extremely important . According to, produce that are GMO or genetically Modified Organisms as well as processed food made with chemicals can cause major issues. Even some foods look good for you but looks can be deceiving. Many foods have added sugars, salts, and fats . Although not all produce is horrible for you, consumers need to be concerned with where their food is coming from due to the risk of obesity along with other risk such as cancer, diabetes, and even mental health issues.
On the other hand, there are upsides to not being concerned about where your food is coming from . Produce that are GMO could end world hunger( .Countries such as Africa where people starve each day could benefit from the cheaper and large supply of GMO’s.These people are lucky to get any kind of nutrition( .The problem with this discussion is that the production of GMO’s is a new science and creates genes that are unstable and are linked to diseases such as cancer ( it is trading one bad for another bad because if the people in 3rd world countries can not afford food then they certainly can not afford the high medical bills of cancer treatment. In addition , we are not sure...

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...cardiovascular disease .Not to mention that being obese leads to many different types of cancers .
In conclusion , it is very important to be concerned with where your food is coming from. There are so many health issues that are created with eating the wrong food . Your health is worth taking a few precautions . When you go shopping look at the ingredients in gets you buy . Go for foods with less chemicals , fats , salts , sugars and redefine sugars . In addition , stay away from the GMO ‘s . Instead go for the produce that is labeled as organic . Also, stay away from the Convenience food . Sure that hamburger , fry , and maybe even a milkshake may taste good and cost you under five dollars but the long term effects of constantly eating these meals will cost you a lot more than five dollars . It will cost you your health .

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