Health Related Quality Of Life Essay

Health Related Quality Of Life Essay

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Quality of Life
People with type two diabetes can suffer emotionally from the disease. Part of the emotional effect is evident in the change of their quality of life. Many of the patients with type two diabetes develop a lower self-esteem and feel down a large amount of the time. It changes people from a positive and optimistic point of view to a negative pessimistic view. They can become easily depressed, and look upon the future with hesitancy (Chew 2). In Bangladesh, there is a very large number of people with type two diabetes. This makes them the second to the largest percentage of people with diabetes in South Asia. Novie Safita stated the following: “Health-related quality of life (HRQL) is an important patient-reported outcome that allows policy makers to understand the burden of diabetes. HRQL comprehensively describes the patient’s health status comprising physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing [5].” (Safita 1). Safita assures that people are educated enough to understand how important the health-related quality of life is. Type two diabetes is a hard concept to accept, and until people are diagnosed with it they do not fully understand all the effects that the disease comes with physically, emotionally, and physically (Safita 1).
It is well known that type two diabetes effects the persons’ quality of life in a negative way, but recently in Korea there was a study performed. Although type two diabetes is more common in older adults there is an increasing number of young adults being diagnosed now as well. Since, in the past, there were few young adults diagnosed with this disease not much was known about the effect on their quality of life. The study was performed in older adults being diagnosed, and people u...

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... one comes the other and there is not separating them (Wilding 685).
It is very important to educate people suffering from type two diabetes on how to manage the disease and improve their overall life. Many people who are diagnosed do not have the slightest clue on all the complications, risks, and necessary changes that come with this condition. If we want to see people benefit from this and improve their lifestyle, then we must teach them how to do so. We need to stress to them how important it is to eat right, exercise, find the right medicine, and all the other important factors associated with type two diabetes. We have failed hundreds of people on the prevention of diabetes, and even on how to cope with it. It is time to improve their support groups and knowledge on how to deal with such a horrific condition that will change the rest of their lives.

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