Health Psychology : The Psychological And Behavioral Process Essay

Health Psychology : The Psychological And Behavioral Process Essay

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Health Psychology-health disorders

Health psychology focuses on the psychological and behavioral process in health, illness and health care. A Health psychologist understands the difference between an illness and personal characteristics, they also try to promote nonsmoking plans and improve daily nutrition. When people are free from psychological problems such as, anxiety, depression, stress etc. They are more likely to live their lives to the fullest without any issues. When things start of being a small problem, they expand to be something huge. A way to fix personal problems is to talk to a clinical health psychologist which focuses with individuals to see how their lifestyle and behavior might affect their health.
There’s a difference between being sad and being depressed. When someone is sad, this phase could be up to 3 days, but eventually get over it and go back to their normal daily life style. On the other hand depression is a serious abnormal disorder that is caused by a traumatic event that happened and can overwhelm the person. This would affect your health, because you lose appetite and isolate yourself from socializing with people. Not having a continuously healthy diet can lead to more abnormal disorders ,things such as bulimia or anorexic disorders .Humans are naturally social creatures meaning that they need contact with other people to be mentally healthy. However, just because you want some time alone, (to an extend) it does not mean you have issues. In addition depression causes lack of energy to do anything, even your daily responsibilities, therefore depression affects your life style.

Dopamine is involved in the goal-directed behavior process. It is released in the brains reward system ass...

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... behavior and lifestyle. Health psychologist also know when something is an illness or just a person’s characteristic, for example someone who is bipolar and someone who just naturally has a strong personality that can be misunderstood as someone who has anger issues. Everything has a cure, you just have to find or get contact of someone that can help. Clinical health psychologists help people to overcome issues so that they can live their lives without any issues that can lead to something worse or even death. I also learned that not everything has to be treated with medication because that can lead to an addiction. There’s many other different type of ways to deal and overcome issues. Things such as, group meetings, creative therapy, counseling etc. Our health is something that we need to take care of to be able to live a life with inner peace within ourselves

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