Essay about Health Promotion Of Health Wellness Fairs

Essay about Health Promotion Of Health Wellness Fairs

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Health promotion is a topic that is often discussed, but more often is rushed thru during a clinical appointment. Why? Shouldn’t medical professionals focus more of proactive care instead of reactive? Time is often to blame due to the limited number of medical providers that are required to cover a community. Time allotted to medical providers per appointment might only be 15 to 20 minutes. That doesn’t allow enough time for questions or guidance to be given to the patient to help improve their overall health. Now compare those individuals who get little information at the medical office to those who rarely go see the doctor. These people are missing out on vital medical information that can help them reduce their chances of developing further medical complications in the future. Is it their fault? No, but common sense would tell us that more people should know about their health and ways to decrease their chances of developing medical complications in the future. So what would be a better alternative for this solution? Health wellness fairs would be idyllic to incorporate in the community so that everyone can have the opportunity to speak to professionals and learn more about what healthy living should be like.

As mention earlier, time seems to be a factor on why health professionals do not properly educate their patients on their general health. Our healthcare system is mainly relying on reactive care than health promotion. Typically, people only go to the doctors if they have a medical issue that needs to be resolved, not on what are the best ways of lowering cholesterol. So health fairs would be the superlative option to assist in educating the public on overall wellness and health education. Professionals know have a foru...

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...led in a wellness program to improve their health so they too can be offered discounts (Tillman). Numerous studies have demonstrated the overall effectiveness of employer sponsored health events and that cost shouldn’t be the focus, the focus should be squarely on the target audience.

Overall health wellness fairs can offer so many benefits and doesn’t have to be a standalone event. They can be grouped with other community events. The point is to educate the public and charge them with being more proactive on their overall health. Establishing these fairs don’t have to be time consuming and financial burdening issue. Involvement of the community from local employers, schools, churches, and general public is the key to ensure success. By orchestrating a health fair, community leaders can truly demonstrate their overall support and devotion to the people they serve.

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