Health Promotion Is Very Important Essay

Health Promotion Is Very Important Essay

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Health promotion is very important, especially when individuals are in the hospital. When a person is in the hospital and is ill, they can sometimes become depressed and have no interest or desire to clean themselves up or brush their teeth, in instances such as this offer to assist your patient in cleaning up and if you have time talk with them to get their mind off of their illness. This concept certainly fits the older adult category due to “their cognitive response to being hospitalised; their limited ability to self-care; and lack of nursing engagement with the family caregiver. Registered nurses can offer simultaneous assessment and intervention to prevent or mitigate hospital-acquired complications. However, it is known that when demand for nursing care exceeds supply, care is prioritized according to acute medical need. Consequently some basic but essential nursing care activities such as patient mobility, communication, skin care, hydration and nutrition are implicitly rationed.” (Bail & Grealish, 2016). Primary health promotion would focus on preventing illnesses, or if a person is hospitalized, it would focus on preventing further infections or illnesses from developing during the hospital stay. Hygiene is crucial in preventing MRSA infections, both staff and patient hygiene needs to be routine and adequate. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of Infectious Diseases (CDC) sets guidelines to be used by healthcare workers in all settings, one guideline they have implemented is mandatory hand washing when there are visible stains of dirt, blood, or other body fluids either on your skin or gloves. Hand washing or hand disinfection by rubbing is recommended after patient contact and before contact with another pat...

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... being discharged need to be educated on wound maintenance if they have any and how to keep wounds covered, especially when going out into public. These patients are placed on contact precautions while in the hospital to prevent the spread of the MRSA infection, but once they are discharged there is no such thing as isolation precautions in the general public, so the patient must be responsible for preventing the spread themselves. (Barnes & Sampson, 2011). These health promotion techniques directly relate to the Healthy People 2020 initiative to decrease healthcare-acquired infections and it is important to do everything possible to avoid such infections, especially when caring for an older adult, as they have a harder time recovering from them due to their already compromised immune system relating to the illness that landed them in the hospital in the first place.

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