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The forces which influence on the implementation of the program
External factors: Forces influencing external environment
Communicating with and providing equitable services to people in rural and isolated settings in geographically dispersed countries with small population have been found to be an issue. However, there are many government initiatives to support rural, remote, and indigenous healthcare in Australia, which enable access to the high quality health care for all citizens, regardless of the geographical location. (Mickan & Boyce, 2006, p.68).
Australia has a multicultural population, which always raises questions regarding the extension of gaining access health care systems irrespective of the cultural diversity. It is apparent that, Indigenous people have difficulties in accessing and unawareness of their unique healthcare needs within the existing healthcare organisations. Fortunately, the government has implemented strategies to produce more culturally diverse services. (Mickan & Boyce, 2006, p.69).
In Australia the federal, state, and local government provide health and welfare services to the residents nevertheless, the primary responsibility of each tier is different. This political intricacy may create replication and poor integration of services. (Mickan & Boyce, 2006, p.68).
Economy and technology have important role in providing quality health services. The funding is mainly aimed to achieve greater consistency efficiencies in organising and delivering healthcare services. It was argued that, there has been escalation in healthcare spending which reveals the growing consumer demands for services. The technological and information innovation influence Australian healthcare markedly. The technology not onl...

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...ce the questions are clear, then the indicators for each question are developed, and these facilitate data collection. Subsequently, the existing information sources are recognized, the gaps in information are obvious, and the options for obtaining new information are determined. Both quantitative and qualitative methods can be used to obtain information. Finally the collected data is examined and summarised in relation to the questions asked in the evaluation. (Taylor et al., 2008, p. 253).
Data Collection Methods: Qualitative and Quantitative Methods
Qualitative methods include: 1) Focus groups, 2) In-depth interviews, 3) Open-ended survey questions, 4) Journals, and 5) Observation (Integrated health promotion, 2003).
Quantitative Methods include: 1) Surveys, 2) Population statistics, and 3) Process tracking forms/reports (Integrated health promotion, 2003).

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