The Health Problems Of The Air Pollution Essay

The Health Problems Of The Air Pollution Essay

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When most people think about what is wrong with the environment, they can think of many things wrong with it. The amount of pollution that has either enter the air, land, or the ground. The amount of pollution within the air has been constantly been caused by humans doing a lot of activities that release a lot of carbon emissions. Activities such as deforestation of trees, the uses of automotive cars, and factories producing so much smog on a daily basis. With all of these activities, much of the air quality is poor and can cause many health problems for humans. As stated EPA, “Breathing polluted air can make your eyes and nose burn. It can irritate your throat and make breathing difficult” (EPA 4).
The health problems concerning the air pollution, environmentalist were concerned about the general public and decided that air quality had to improve. After months passed, the United States government noticed the same thing and decided to do something about the poor air quality and ways to help regulate this. The United States government decided to create an act to establish to create a standard for the amount of air emissions that were released in the air to be reduced from both stationary and mobile objects. As stated from the EHSToday, “The Clean Air Act launched an ambitious set of federal programs to establish air quality goals and to impose pollution control technology requirements on new and existing stationary sources and on motor vehicles” (EHSToday 1). The first Clean Air Act was established in the 1970’s, but many years later was revised in 1990. The main objective of the Clean Air Act was to establish standards for air emissions and to promote renewable energy sources to produce less pollution within the air.
The Clean Ai...

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...aintain compliance with the NAAQS, states are expected to propose additional measures to reduce emissions. States are encouraged to use market-based mechanisms to achieve air-pollution control objectives.”

The Clean Air Act of the 1990 was finally established and clearly explains the standards that companies must comply to. Not only did the Clean Air Act establish a

In order for laws or bills to be passed, they must be approved by the President and later approved by Congress. The Environmental Protection Agency has been advocating for cleaner admissions for multiple years. Environmental Protection Agency was an agency created by the government along with multiple agencies. With most of the federal agencies and programs, federal efforts are required in order to make a difference. For the Environmental Protection Agency, the federal efforts require a lot of time

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